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The PrimoFlex® 1" quality garden hose is available by the metre, meaning it can be ordered in exactly the length you require (max. 50 m). With pressure-resistant reinforcement mesh. Contains no substances that are harmful to health.





Бърза поръчка

Попълни поръчката и нашият екип ще се свърже с вас за потвърждение


The PrimoFlex® quality hose, which measures 1" in diameter and up to 50 m in length, is perfect for watering areas and gardens of any size. The three-layer garden hose with pressure-resistant reinforcement mesh is free not only from phthalates (

02.Характеристика и предимства


Three layers

Resistant to kinks.

Handy garden hose with pressure-resistant woven reinforcement

For easy handling.

High temperature resistance from -20 to +65°C

Very robust.

Free from cadmium, barium and lead

Poses no risk to health or the environment.

Opaque middle layer prevents algae formation inside the hose

Highly durable.

Phthalate-free (< 0.1 %) quality garden hose

Poses no risk to health or the environment.

Weather-resistant anti-UV outer layer

Very robust.

By the metre

Hoses can be cut to individual lengths.

03.Технически данни

Diameter 1"

Hose length (m) 50

Weight (kg) 0,4

Weight incl. packaging (kg) 18

Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 580 x 580 x 240

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