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The PrimoFlex® (1/2") flexible garden hose is 25 m long, temperature-resistant, comes with pressure-resistant reinforcement technology and contains no substances that are harmful to health. Bursting pressure: 24 bar.





Бърза поръчка

Попълни поръчката и нашият екип ще се свърже с вас за потвърждение


The PrimoFlex® quality hose, which measures 1/2" in diameter and 25 m in length, is perfect for watering areas and gardens of any size. The three-layer garden hose with pressure-resistant reinforcement mesh is free from phthalates (

02.Характеристика и предимства


12-year guarantee


Three layers

Resistant to kinks

Bursting pressure 22 bar

Guaranteed robustness

Handy garden hose with pressure-resistant woven reinforcement

For easy handling.

High temperature resistance from -20 to +65°C

Guaranteed robustness

Free from cadmium, barium and lead

Poses no risk to health or the environment.

Opaque middle layer prevents algae formation inside the hose

Guaranteed robustness and durability

Phthalate-free (< 0.1 %) quality garden hose

Poses no risk to health or the environment.

Weather-resistant anti-UV outer layer

Guaranteed robustness

03.Технически данни

Diameter 1/2"

Hose length (m) 25

Weight (kg) 2,8

Weight incl. packaging (kg) 2,7

Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 289 x 289 x 142

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