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Watering according to requirements is easy. With the spray nozzle with one-hand operation and 2 adjustable spray patterns.





Бърза поръчка

Попълни поръчката и нашият екип ще се свърже с вас за потвърждение


The spray nozzle has a control valve operated by one hand, by means of which the water quantity can be simply adjusted with a press of the thumb. In addition, the garden sprayer has 2 spraying patterns that can be steplessly adjusted according to requirements: Point jet and cone jet. Flower and plant beds can thus be easily watered, also patios and garden furniture can be cleaned of coarse dirt. The spray nozzle is thus ideal for both watering and cleaning tasks. If not needed, the water flow can be simply cut out at the control valve. What's more: Sprayers from Kärcher are compatible with all available hook-and-loop systems and can be connected to your garden hose without problem.

02.Характеристика и предимства


Spraying pattern continuously definable from hard jet to cone jet

Ideal for watering (cone jet) and cleaning (point jet).

Ergonomic control valve

Regulation of the flow rate with one hand.

Continuous adjustment of the spray head

Spraying pattern flexibly definable from hard jet to cone jet.


Optimum protection against frost damage.


Number of spray patterns, 2
Water flow regulation
Self-draining function
Cone jet
Point jet

05.Технически данни

Weight (kg) 0,1

Weight incl. packaging (kg) 0,1

Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 194 x 42 x 97

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